We Provide Additional Self Defense Training In

Aspects Of Confrontation Not Found Anywhere Else.


In Addition To Proper Technique And Skill, We Cover The Following In Every Self Defense Program:


-Difference Between Social and Asocial Violence.
-Understanding The Variations Between Men And Women
-Understanding Canadian Self Defense Law
-Knowing Your Own Legal / Ethical / Moral Boundaries

-Verbal Skills and De-escalation
-Understanding The Tactics Of Criminals
-Recognizing Victim Profiles
-Aftermath Of Violence

-Threat Assessment
-Escape And Evasion
-How To Articulate Use Of Force
-What To Do After A Confrontation
-Conflict Resolution












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Intro Krav Maga


Keep Training In The Pinnacle Of Reality Based Self Defense. Whether Your Job Involves Combat Or You Just Want to Feel Safe, This Continuing Course Is For You.

Progressive Krav Maga


A Concentrated Self Defense Atmosphere With One On One Learning For The Fast Track To Self Defense Superiority.
Private Instruction


We Will Come To You For: Workplace Violence Talks, Seminars, Guest Appearances And More, At Your Convenience.
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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • I've been with KPC for a year now and it's the best gym I have ever attended. The classes are intense and fun at the same time. The trainers are consistent and encouraging while they push me to continually challenge myself mentally and physically. KPC is more than just a gym, it's a way of life, a family.
    Hollie Bradford, Student
  • Awesome instructors! Who will teach you to kick ass or at least run away after u don't get your ass beat down! Also excellent for women since the recognize the difference between men and women fighting. Meaning A social violence or B social violence. If u don't know anything about self defence this is a great place to start, if u know a lot about self defence this is still a great place to meet fun people.
    Stephanie Wilson, Student
  • There's no way I can "love" a good work out but I really like it! It's the smart way to stay fit.
    Geoffery Lemont